the e-mail pitch

Since Dwolla started showing up more placed I started to get a lot of pitches via e-mail. I’m flattered that I get them and I actually do want to help. I’m not investing in other projects right now so a lot of this stuff is really just people looking and asking for this:

Guide me to someone who can help me and give me feedback.

I actually want to help you get to the people you need to know. However, I can’t always read everything people send. I need to be able to digest it quickly.

With that said. I’d suggest the following to a lot of people. Follow a 3 bulletin point rule when pitching me via e-mail:

  1. What the project is and how it relates to me.
  2. What problem it solves / why it’s relevant
  3. What you need / who you need to know

Keep each bulletin point to 1-2 sentences. 1 if possible. Get to the core of the question as fast as humanly possible.

If I have to read 10 paragraphs and 2 attachments to get to the high level of what the idea is. I won’t make it far because I can’t do that at a stoplight.

Do your best not to give me more information than I can digest and respond to at a stoplight.