/ influence

We are whoever we become. Obviously.

Some folks have a master plan while some of us just turn into the people we are. I’m not sure I know which is better, but I know I’ve had no master plan.

In retrospect I think you can easily claim to have had an idea what you would become and worked hard to execute on it.

However, knowing exactly what you’d become… Seems like a lie you may select to believe… It still seems like a lie…

I can constantly say “I have no regrets” being thankful for what I’ve learned but if I truly had no regrets… I would have no character.

Logically speaking… I think we will always find something we could have done better.

We’re all alienated by our own little idiosyncrasies and social oddities. We’re all haunted by that thing we shouldn’t have said that time, or that thing we wish we would have done differently.

We’re all heavily influenced by the people around us. We might just be the sum of the people we surround ourselves with.

It seems irrefutable to me that we are simply whatever the people around us have helped us become.

One choice is clear. You can choose who you surround yourself with. You won’t be in control of a lot of things in life but this is one thing that 51% of the time actually is in your control.

Use that to your advantage. 😉