So uh. Why are you doing this?

// written at some point between after returning from London and traversing through Chicago Ideas Week and whatever is next //

Today isn’t so different from any other day. I woke up in a bed that isn’t mine in a town I don’t live in. I woke up to the sound of my iPhone chiming in every time an e-mail hits my inbox. Twitter and Facebook seem to be chiming in with a seemingly irreverent disregard for timing.

The whole experience is something of a transcendence. There is a hum from the construction happening somewhere just close enough to hear, and the sunlight seems to be hitting the city of Chicago at just the right angle this morning.

I’m trying to listen to some music my friend Dave sent me but the bandwidth at the Sutton Hotel kind of sucks. The result… Straight buffering…

/ / It’s obvious I’m not really sure what point I’m trying to make / /

I think I’m just trying to work through something in my head between the distraction of gchat messages popping up and finding inspiration to write 3 different presentations. I’m scheduled to share my ideas at a Des Moines conference and I’m nothing short of terrified I’m going to say the wrong thing. Oddly, everywhere else I go no one knows me and just letting my mouth run with whatever thought comes to mind seems to work.

It’s the first time I’ve questioned myself in a while when it comes to sharing my thoughts.

I don’t have a lot of rules about how to life my life. I’ve always thought that if I had a job in life it should be to wake up everyday and do what I love, nothing more, nothing less. Find ideas and problems that consume me and throw myself completely into them.

I think in all our lives there are misconceptions about why we do what we do, even to ourselves.

I pushed myself a little struggling with this always on the road life and escape from whatever funk I woke up in.

I’m here to build. The fact that I’m here (today it is Chicago) doesn’t exactly define me… I’m just here because it’s part of the process of building what’s in my head.

I realized here lately that what I’m doing isn’t exactly a reflection of who its for, but a challenge to myself to see if I can actually pull it off.

Be honest with yourself. Then just run with it… Whatever it may be.