// the chaos of the thing

Dwolla doesn’t work yet the way we want it to… But it is starting to.

The last 5 days have been another experience in what to do with the fire hose. Our investor list has 600+ names on it and this point we can’t even call everyone back. We’re not responding to acquisition offers because we don’t want to sell the company. There is no deal so good we’re going to walk away right now. This is just the beginning.

This haze of incoming opportunities created by Business Insider, Forbes, Fox, Liquid Squid and otherwise are amazing but at the end of the day it feels like my job lately has been to help everyone keep the faith, stay away from the kool aid in your inbox, and keep serving clients.

Every new measuring point on the road map comes with new hurdles and I didn’t see some of this coming. There’s no possible way we can respond to a lot of people and for that I feel silly.

The chaos of all of this is really just grab what you can handle, knock through it, and keep going. Stop BS’ing people and just get right to the core of what matters as fast as possible.

Monday I was a little freaked out. Tuesday I was a little empowered. Now I’m wondering how we can accelerate it further. Chaos isn’t always such a bad thing… It just forces you to look a little deeper into yourself and consider what you can handle.