In the spirit of wanting to create content so I can keep foolishly playing with Tumblr I’m going to throw this thing out a little bit.

A potentially huge waste of time could be Vizibob. Vizibob is a visual memory of any web site you put into it. It takes a picture everyday of the website you put in and saves it forever. No record of who added or why. Just the record of the site and the images left behind, forever.

Assuming we don’t accidentally turn off the account or something.

This is absolutely one of those ideas that in practice I never really figured out what the heck to do with.

We started a while ago taking pictures of the Dwolla Spots Map every single day. Eventually it just seemed easier to let a computer do it instead.

Before too long a group of friends found out that adding random web sites for virtually no reason could be interesting.

The most interesting argument for actually finding value in the system however in my opinion has been to see what the national news sites looked like on the day Steve Jobs passed.

I’d also like to know why on 9/3 Square switched the card on the home page from Amex to Visa. Or why it never stops alternating!

So my challenge to you. Add a web site and find a use for this thing 🙂 It takes a screenshot a day of whatever URL you put into it at whatever height you input.