I/OWA Sponsorship Tickets

Not too long ago, I put up a short post about I/OWA and why I think it’s important. At these similar events I’ve met investors, team members, and some of my best friends. The picture above is from Thinc Iowa a few years ago and it was exactly that type of event and an experience everyone should have.

I met Paige Craig at that event who later invested in our company, Dwolla. I met Ben Silbermann at that event and I still tap Ben for information here and there. Those are just 2 examples of a great deal of relationships built at these Iowa conferences that have had an impact on me. All because I just showed up.

To remove the barrier a little further for students and those new to the Des Moines community I’ve worked with the I/OWA team to offer some sponsorships to the event to 20 students or individuals who would like to attend who may not be able to because of the ticket price.

Tomorrow, I/OWA kicks off and @kayleecat has 20 tickets provided to students or people that need just a little extra nudge to get involved. they will be provided to you at no cost.

If you’d like an intro to her please drop me a line and I’ll make sure that happens if you don’t feel comfortable saying hello to her on twitter.

Big thanks to Geoff Wood and the I/OWA team for making this happen!

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