Introducing real time credit Dwolla

What happens when you inject billions of dollars of buying power into a payment network built entirely on the internet?

We don’t really know but it’s about time we all find out. I’m really proud of the team I work with. This wasn’t an easy or short project to pull off. There were a lot of times people could have thrown in the towel during this project but everyone just kept going.

Today, consumers get a ridiculously fast checkout experience when using Dwolla in addition to everything else. No more loading accounts for those who enable the feature and no need to share private financial information with the merchant.

Here are few videos from launch partners showing how simple the checkout process is online with a real-time payment feature enabled:

If this product existed 5 years ago I never would have started working on Dwolla. Today, the entire Dwolla network starts getting access to real-time payments regardless of where they bank.

That’s something I’m very excited about.

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