Dwolla Conference Rooms – Dollars to Data

When we went about writing down some of Dwolla’s values I don’t think I realized how important it was until after it was done.

We just expanded our Des Moines office and across the multiple locations we realized it was finally time to name the conference rooms so people actually knew where the meetings were.

Everyone in the company was encouraged to throw in ideas. Most were incredibly good but one of them went directly to one of the company’s core values, Money=Data.

The team decided to name the rooms after presidents printed on physical dollars while demonstrating what that value transfer looks like on Dwolla’s network.


I wish I could take credit but it all goes to the engineering & design team. The name of each room and it’s sign is reflective of our core mission. Making the physical exchange of money something a computer simply does more quickly.

10000-dollar-bill 1000-dollar-bill 100-dollar-bill 5-dollar-bill 5000-dollar-bill

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