Dwolla, and working with the Government

Nicole Cook, who runs Dwolla’s government vertical, did an interview with ABC5 about Dwolla’s most recent deal with the US Treasury.


We’ve been working on this for a long time so it’s fun to talk about and it’s really fun to see the announcement make the rounds.

This is one of those cases I don’t think you hear about often. A large government entity has been working with a small company solving a pain point around payments and the government invested resources in implementing the solution.

It makes a lot of sense and they’ve been great partners to work with. Credit is owed where credit is due and there are a lot of people at Fiscal Services who deserve a gigantic thumbs up.

Beyond the announcement, what really gets me going is that some of the government’s requests about functionality drove a lot of quiet evolution in the Dwolla product.

That evolution and the features that came from it will start being made available to others in the network this year. I think many large customers will find the new functionality useful and we’ll all have the government to thank for it.

It’s kind of crazy isn’t it? Sometimes things just work out like you hope they would.