Sacred Moments

Life is full of weird and fleeting experiences. Most of which will be forgotten because the memory isn’t important enough to be called upon. It’s unfortunate, yet true, that most of life is comprised of things that may influence you but are mostly forgettable because the experience is insignificant and truly unimportant.

Thankfully, there are also experiences in life which are serendipitous and completely unforgettable. We all have these and they are rarely calculated. I feel fortunate because I think one of the reasons I’m optimistic about the world is that I have had far more positive serendipitous experiences to draw from than negative. I know the world is far better than worse and people are far better than bad as a result.

This week has given me the opportunity to appreciate a different type of moment.

The very lucky moments that hopefully never lose their luster that we know are coming. The appreciation for these moments only become stronger as time passes. They become a part of your story. The moments and the things that surround them become the fabric of who you are and how you behave.

To me, the moment you see coming is sacred. It will stay with you far longer with much greater resolution than other experiences. Even more rare than these incredible experiences is the knowledge that you’re going into one. That grants you the ability to process and protect it as unique.

I’d encourage you to consider what those sacred moments are in your life and vehemently, unapologetically, and unequivocally defend them. There are few wonderful things in life which you know going into it will never happen twice.

I don’t have sacred moments very often but I had one this week. Our daughter, Margaux, turned one.

What struck me last night as I was appreciating the day was that my incredible sacred moments are products of the conscious choices of a partnership. Decisions that were made about life that weren’t mine and mine alone. These moments were the result of conscious decisions made with someone else that turned out incredibly well.

I don’t know if the knowledge that these sacred moments couldn’t be done without someone else wanting to be a part of it or if the fact that you can see them coming makes them more special. Either way, they sure are memorable. I’d encourage you to not just make the best of them but give yourself and others the ability to focus and enjoy them.

Like a first birthday, those amazing moments only happen once.