Friday Finds: Good Reads

Jami convinced me to start sharing some the reading I’ve been consuming lately. I’m going to try to start sharing 3 per week. This week:

1. An MIT Scientist Claims That This Pill Is the Fountain of Youth

I mean. What could go wrong?

2. Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience

Brilliant and wonderfully well done. This morning over breakfast I read a letter from a cartoon artist to a fan, a suicide note, and a letter from Hunter S. Thompson. None of which would I have come across in everyday life.

It may not all be entertaining or put a smile on your face but it’s certainly good at creating pause and making you think. The stories also seem to drive a lot of conversation which is always fun.

3. Andreessen Horowitz’s Returns Trail Venture-Capital Elite &
When Is a “Mark” Not a Mark?

These are good reads because in my experience controversy tends to drive emotions and emotions lead smart people to make public declarations on complex issues they would otherwise never make.

The reason I always find this so amazing is these types of debates on this scale normally result new information being presented that wasn’t previously available or commonly known.

Most of the things I learned initially about engineering I learned from reading engineers fight about the right way to do things. More often than not both sides were right but they ended up putting all kinds of information online they probably shouldn’t have.

When really smart people debate take a moment and read the words. There’s normally a lot more substance in the debate than a side to take.

Disclaimer: Andreessen Horowitz is an investor in Dwolla.