Showing up

I was having a conversation with Jami this afternoon at brunch about different books that friends or acquaintances have written and how that ends up changing our relationship with them, normally for the better, because of how much more we know about them and the depth of what we’re able to discuss when we are all together.

It makes the time we have together that much more meaningful and our relations stronger because they wrote the book. We didn’t do the work, they did.

This was also spawned from another conversation the night prior when we attended Around The Table, a small private dinner that I can only really describe as an artistic experiment. We ate and talked with a bunch of people we didn’t really know and before I got so tired I had coffee at 9pm, this was a point of conversation.

I started thinking and have throughout the day about what topics, anecdotes, or ideas I’d want to convey in a book if I were to write one. The one that keeps coming up is that if I didn’t show up to either one of these meals, dinner or brunch, neither one of these discussions would have happened and I absolutely benefited.

An amazing amount of progress in life is a function of what you show up for. This is one of many reasons I spent the morning prior at the Women’s March in Des Moines.

Show up. Be present.

It’s amazing what you can miss by not showing up. The more intentional you are about where you show up everyday and how, the more good things happen.

I have been surprised a few times at the dramatic impact someone’s lack of presence can have on them and those around them. Especially, if they are a leader.

On the flip side, it’s even more amazing what showing up and being a positive contributor can do for your career, family, and company.

Whatever your IQ, political affiliation, gender, or disposition, it really doesn’t matter. Show up and positively contribute. Do that and you’ll change your life and the lives of those around you.

No excuses. Show up and do the work.

This was something that popped into my head as something that felt obvious that I’d want to convey if I did write a book. Then I realized I don’t need to write a book, I can just put it on the internet.

No one ever really knows what will work and what won’t but in order to find what does work, we must show up and give it a shot together.