Inclusion & Influence

The Dwolla team just finish a meaningful design update. There are some influences under the hood I know that won’t get covered in other ways and it inspired me to write about them.

The pride flag

I work at a place that strives to not only walk the walk but not hide from our position on this subject. In fact, our position is pretty clear no matter where you interact with our new brand. 

Dwolla’s beautiful new gradient is heavily influenced by the pride flag. You’ll find it not only in the gradients themselves, but in the statements on various pages. 

3 Layers

I’ve been writing about things in groups of threes for many years. I continue to discuss Dwolla’s core design in a group of 3 layers to this day.

The new logo pays homage to a few things in the past at Dwolla while giving a much needed nod to the future of the business. As Steph put it, our focus on our customer, our product and our vision.

The future of our business has a lot to do with how inclusive we are of our customers vision for the companies they want to build. We see ourselves as a silent partner who help big ideas scale. We are here to accelerate your innovations and we can’t do it without you.

Seeking like minded people

This is something that the internet has always been good for. Finding people who think like you do and finding ways of connecting with them more deeply. 

It’s not just carried through the website that we’re hiring and looking for like minded people, but that we seek to support innovation and scale big ideas that don’t belong to us. 

We believe in a brighter and more connected future. That future has an unfathomable number of diverse ideas and people. That’s the future we’re excited about.

Being consistent about intent

Inclusion is even layered into the platform funds flows.

There’s a lot to unpack in this update that will probably never be covered in the press or discussed at great length.

Regardless of the attention this intention gets, this was a really important update for our company, team, and for the future of the business.

I’m really proud of this work and the teams that delivered it.