Talking About It

Over the past few months I’ve done a few podcasts with friends. For various reasons, podcasts have been a good way for me to dip my toe back into the water doing some speaking.

Something I enjoy about podcasts is that unlike a media interview there is typically less focus on soundbites in ~5 minute chunks. It’s a conversation and you never know where it will go. At times, I’ve started talking about things that I wasn’t prepared to speak about. I pulled together a list to share with a friend and thought I’d post it here as well.

Differential w/ Chris from Drive Capital.

For Fintech’s Sake w/ Harper Reed & Zach from NBKC.

Startup Stories w/ Mike Colwell @ The Des Moines Partnership.

The interesting thing that’s come out of this is that I was able to relive some experiences that I wouldn’t have talked about otherwise. While it’s uncomfortable, it’s been mildly therapeutic.

Another unexpected outcome of participating in these podcasts has been the deeper and more vulnerable discussions it’s spawned with the people I’m closest to.