Dwolla has a new CEO

About a month ago I posted Hiring a new CEO. Today the Dwolla team announced that we’ve found our new CEO and he’s already begun work. As of now, Brady Harris has begun leading the Dwolla team.

Brady is relocating his family to Des Moines from Atlanta as a part of taking on the role. I’m thrilled for what he’ll contribute to Dwolla, our clients, team members, shareholders, and to our community.

Brady is joining the company when the team’s resolve and grit are surprising me everyday. COVID-19 or not, the team has brought their best selves to support clients everyday. I am so proud of this team and how they have showed up for our clients and one another. It’s a difficult time for everyone and we believe that the world we come back to after COVID-19 will be full of opportunities for future growth.

Things change but progress doesn’t stop. It certainly doesn’t stop at Dwolla. Brady joins us at a time of incredible opportunity.

My role as a founder is to be a good steward of the idea and everyone involved. Same as it always has been. That doesn’t change.

I’ve received questions about what I’m going to be doing at Dwolla

I’ve always operated in a capacity that is whatever the company needs so this isn’t that much different. It’s as if I’m a free agent inside the company at the moment. That’s exciting for me because it means that I get to focus on a few things:

  1. What clients need from me to be successful.
  2. What Brady needs from me to help the business be successful.
  3. What the team, shareholders, and the board need from me to help Brady be successful.

I understand that’s not a typical answer but I’ll be somewhere building something.

Building the future we believe in

I’m not leaving. I plan to partner with Brady + the team building the future that we all believe in. A future where programmable payments are embedded into all parts of daily life.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, you can find me in all of the same places and at all the same e-mail addresses.