It’s not ok

Systemic racism is not ok. Unequal treatment of Black people is not ok. Killing a Black man in the street is not ok.

Generational oppression of a race is not ok. This shouldn’t need to be said but in the context of today’s America it needs to be said.

Black lives matter.

We as human beings are bound together by principles bigger than ourselves and one of the most powerful is human rights.

This is not a complex principle. We as human beings, have rights. Human rights.

As someone I consider a brother taught me a long time ago there is a line between being a witness and having a duty to act. In situations like this, we have a duty to act. A duty to recognize these things are not ok and stand firm that racism is not acceptable and it’s not up for negotiation.

The stance that racism is unacceptable is not for sale.
The stance that racism is unacceptable is not for debate.

It is a stance. It is a principle. An unwavering and non-negotiable principle.

Where are our principles?

What happened to George Floyd is not ok. I know it, you know it, the whole world knows it.

Black lives matter. It’s not political. It’s a principle. An unwavering non-negotiable unchangeably infinitely immovable principle.

Wherever I have influence, a voice, and an opportunity to shout this principle I will do it. White supremacy is an immoral concept. It has no place in our future and it’s a shameful part of our history.

Principles matter. If you have suggestions on where I can lend a hand or causes that you believe in please let me know through e-mail or on Twitter.