Harvesting Humanity

This is a really incredible project in red rural America by artist b.Robert Moore.

Here is the artist statement:

Inspired by many national and global protests demanding reform in policy and government to address the racial and civil injustices against humanity, specifically Black American citizens in America. Motivated by the various voices fighting human rights, Robert curated a small media crew, composing imagery of black icons of the past, beautiful black children from rural Red/Conservative states of the future and unarmed black Americans murdered at the hands of the police of the present. Robert, growing up in a conservative/Red state in the middle of Rural America and continuously exposed to racism “harvested” in these rural areas, was drawn to the idea that presenting a silent protest in the heart of America had profound symbolism and ultimately, messaging to those disconnected from crimes and disparities of black and minority Americans. With no tone of excuse or defense of racism, Robert believes the theory that humans are afraid or fear the unknown. This silent demonstration shines a spotlight on humanity, through the personal lens of the black lives matter movement, specifically personal to Robert and those in rural America. Rural America – where black injustices are not understood; where crimes against black humanity may be ignored; for those who have never experienced mental or physical pain due to the mere color of their skin yet may view blacks as stereotypical savages or victims, we are not. We are Americans, standing 80 feet tall in the middle of America, asking, DO YOU SEE US ?

The work is really powerful and there is a lot more about the work on b. Roberts Instagram.

Thanks to Jami for sharing it with me this morning after shooting the work.

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  1. Racism is not ok. Talk to your neighbors. Go find someone you know is on the “other side” of politics and talk to them, don’t just spout political talking points. We have more in common than we have differences. Almost everyone is good.

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