V-Sum_One Tech Briefing Videos

The first V-Sum was this week and it was a lot of fun. The first half of the event was tech briefings and the second half was off the record discussions which are obviously not recorded or shared. I’m pleased to say that tech briefing from V-Sum_One are now available for download on the V-Sum_One page. The V-Sum website is quite spartan so get ready to download some big files.

Here is Matt Marcus from Modern Treasury demoing their RTP (Real-time payments from The Clearing House) in their API.

Here is Eli Polanco doing a demo of the Nivelo’s realtime ACH risk scoring. A interesting part for me is ~9m 38s where you can see the weighting in the risk model for an individual transaction. That used to be incredibly hard to get ahold of and generate.

Here is Wade & Graham from Moov demoing some recent ACH functionality and sharing the pleasures of a live demo. Kudos’ to Wade on the background and for Graham who kept it real cool during a dog interruption and furniture delivery 🙂

Matt, Eli, Wade & Graham all did a great job in a remote setting and I’m excited to make these demos available for more folks who couldn’t attend due to scheduling or simply because we ran out of seats.

V-Sum_Two isn’t far away and I’m grateful for the Kauffman Foundation who has already stepped up to support it. V-Sum_One wouldn’t have been possible without everyone who attended, the team, Finix, Routable, and Kauffman.

I had so much fun this week. 👏👏👏 to the team who pulled this off, Zach & Jessie. ❤️

See you at V-Sum_Two!