Sessions of money, data, and trust

The internet is full of sessions. From the most the most obvious to obscure — browser sessions, driving a car, phone calls, playing a game, and too many other examples to list. One of the design considerations for Dwolla's Labels technology was how to grant access to something that can't own an asset. Like a… Continue reading Sessions of money, data, and trust

Building a $10M+ revenue business on the Dwolla ecosystem

The Dwolla ecosystem is now big enough that businesses can be built around it and start generating substantial revenue. I was talking to a friend the other day who was thinking about starting a new company and I laughingly mentioned the fastest path to revenue I knew of right now was to build around the… Continue reading Building a $10M+ revenue business on the Dwolla ecosystem

Understanding Dwolla Customer Types

When building a Dwolla platform application it's important to understand the Customer Types you can use. These are building blocks for your funds flows and the right end user experience. There are 3 Customer Types to understand. They are outlined on the Dwolla developer website but lately I find myself drawing them on a whiteboard… Continue reading Understanding Dwolla Customer Types

Capital Pool Conundrums

When money moves, en masse, there are typically collateral requirements somewhere. To oversimplify it, that's basically money (cash) one party has to give someone else in case something goes wrong. Sophisticated organizations might be able to use a bond, letter of credit, debt vehicle, or some other type of asset but most of us get… Continue reading Capital Pool Conundrums

Servicing millions of end users through one Dwolla integration

Dwolla released support for third party technical integrations this week. This is substantial for our clients because it opens up connectivity between applications built on Dwolla, and also opens up connectivity to third parties. For businesses, it's a way to reach millions of end users through a single integration. For existing Dwolla clients, it's a… Continue reading Servicing millions of end users through one Dwolla integration

Helping you raise capital

The Dwolla team is introducing investor meetings at Monetery this year to connect early stage companies with investors they might not otherwise meet. These meetings are structured as sit down introductions between the VC and company. They are low stress and are simply a way for people to get to know one another. Which is… Continue reading Helping you raise capital

Focus is good

There is an update that was put on Dwolla's website today called Focus. The post is about functionality that will no longer be supported in our products. Sunsetting features is nothing new for the company but this feels different. The company is different. The products we're building now are different. Where we're innovating is different. It feels… Continue reading Focus is good