Traditional Ledgering and Blockchains

At Money 20/20 last week, a topic that came up over and over in discussions was blockchain performance compared to traditional databases used to ledger transactions. One must be excellent at double-entry bookkeeping and performant state machines to use a traditional database to ledger transactions. The overwhelming majority of banks and FinTechs use this approach… Continue reading Traditional Ledgering and Blockchains

Mono-rail to no rails

Sharing observations and findings after spending more time in the DeFi world has been a fun part of the journey. It helps communicate to people inside of traditional finance environments and those outside them.Talking about moving money in a traditional environment very quickly focuses on transfer types and funds flows. Transfer types are typically mono-rail-type… Continue reading Mono-rail to no rails

Payment regulations and the evolving value stack

It has been surprising how much discussion has been about creating new regulatory frameworks, particularly for fiat-backed stablecoins. Surprising because the current framework works well for fiat-backed stablecoins, something that is pretty boring if done correctly. The regulation is unclear when applying current regulation to other forms of stablecoins, like algo-stables. The current regulatory structure in the… Continue reading Payment regulations and the evolving value stack

Verticals to Ecosystems

Matt Harris did this fantastic talk about the verticalization of FinTech a few year ago. The TL/DR for me is that a lot of high-value technology will be built and scaled across several customer verticals. If you have some time, I suggest watching the video below. These horizontal technologies are compelling. I am biased… Continue reading Verticals to Ecosystems

Exploring Computer Generated Art

Harper was posting random things about Midjourney last night and it got me thinking about this entry. What led me to Midjourney was an internal project at Brale intended to understand some different blockchains and functionality that could be supported in NFTs. The result of the project was a NFT series called Gone Missing and… Continue reading Exploring Computer Generated Art