World Class API Product Demos

V-Sum_Two wrapped up recently and it was a treat just like the first. Something that really struck me with this series of the technical briefings was the quality of the demos. The three companies that presented were Paxos, Drive Wealth, and Phixius. Drive Wealth and Paxos are both a bit further along in their product… Continue reading World Class API Product Demos

Structuring Founding Team Equity

Founding is hard and the equity topic can range from awkward to really stressful. It's surprising how many founding teams breeze through this discussion but not all do and emotions don't make it any easier. Regardless of the emotions I always come back to similar thoughts... Everything is ideally split evenly with an intellectual desire… Continue reading Structuring Founding Team Equity

Out of sight & out of mind. The no-coast startup.

When talking to local entrepreneurs, my feedback is always different than talking to people who live on the coasts. The coasts, for reference are really US West & US East. More and more the coast type feedback could also apply to those in Boulder. I'm going to start saying no-coast instead of the midwest because… Continue reading Out of sight & out of mind. The no-coast startup.