Solving T+2 Settlement

In a meeting last week we were talking about T+2 challenges. Certainly Robinhood has brought these back to light. Companies these days are commonly raising capital left and right just to fund payments. The thing is, T+2 is going away right before our very eyes and pre-funding requirements are now being solved through various mechanisms.… Continue reading Solving T+2 Settlement

Harvesting Humanity

This is a really incredible project in red rural America by artist b.Robert Moore. Here is the artist statement: Inspired by many national and global protests demanding reform in policy and government to address the racial and civil injustices against humanity, specifically Black American citizens in America. Motivated by the various voices fighting human rights, Robert curated a small… Continue reading Harvesting Humanity

Why do well educated young people leave Iowa?

In a Technology Association of Iowa board meeting many weeks ago, the topic of talent emerged. I always think this is an interesting topic. The specific discussion led to, "why do students leave Iowa who study here?" The outcome of the TAI board meeting was to come up with something to present that covered: How… Continue reading Why do well educated young people leave Iowa?