Back @ Work. Appreciating Power of Platform.

After ~4 months on sabbatical I returned to work at Dwolla this week. I wasn't sure how I would feel but I'm happy to be pleasantly sitting here Saturday morning reflecting with a smile on my face. This week was really nice. I'm aware that my perspective has shifted after some time to think. I… Continue reading Back @ Work. Appreciating Power of Platform.

Structuring Founding Team Equity

Founding is hard and the equity topic can range from awkward to really stressful. It's surprising how many founding teams breeze through this discussion but not all do and emotions don't make it any easier. Regardless of the emotions I always come back to similar thoughts... Everything is ideally split evenly with an intellectual desire… Continue reading Structuring Founding Team Equity

Harvesting Humanity

This is a really incredible project in red rural America by artist b.Robert Moore. Here is the artist statement: Inspired by many national and global protests demanding reform in policy and government to address the racial and civil injustices against humanity, specifically Black American citizens in America. Motivated by the various voices fighting human rights, Robert curated a small… Continue reading Harvesting Humanity

$1,000,000 in liquidity for $164.38. Solving for real-time with a bit of cash.

The topic of funds availability came up with a large potential partner on a call a few weeks ago. When funds are available to the recipient in an electronic transaction is more often than not a function of the Transfer Type that's being used to exchange money. In the US, there are many Transfer Types… Continue reading $1,000,000 in liquidity for $164.38. Solving for real-time with a bit of cash.