Understanding Dwolla Customer Types

When building a Dwolla platform application it's important to understand the Customer Types you can use. These are building blocks for your funds flows and the right end user experience. There are 3 Customer Types to understand. They are outlined on the Dwolla developer website but lately I find myself drawing them on a whiteboard… Continue reading Understanding Dwolla Customer Types

Servicing millions of end users through one Dwolla integration

Dwolla released support for third party technical integrations this week. This is substantial for our clients because it opens up connectivity between applications built on Dwolla, and also opens up connectivity to third parties. For businesses, it's a way to reach millions of end users through a single integration. For existing Dwolla clients, it's a… Continue reading Servicing millions of end users through one Dwolla integration

A real-time dashboard for bank transfers

At the end of last year, Dwolla's white label APIs started to ship and it kicked off a number of projects internally. One of those internal projects was re-thinking the way information is delivered to developers building applications that leverage Dwolla for ACH transfers. The concept for the project was to create an insightful view for developers and their business counterparts. It… Continue reading A real-time dashboard for bank transfers

Case Studies

The Dwolla team has put together some nice case studies about how our technology is being used by our customers. They've done a really nice job pulling together a clear narrative with a beautiful design. GOAT Rent Monitor Sweep These and a list of other case studies can be found at https://www.dwolla.com/case-studies/.

Connecting a Blockchain to the Establishment

When I say establishment, a few examples that could fit are: Financial Institutions. Banks and credit unions. Governments. State and Federal. Regulated exchanges. Media companies. Now that we've got that out of the way, I'd like to share what is an obvious overlap between blockchain based technologies that are recording asset transfers in a open ledger… Continue reading Connecting a Blockchain to the Establishment

Dwolla Engineering Presentations

I was reflecting back on some of the talks from the Dwolla engineering team this morning and realized I hadn't shared any of them. These were a few that came top of mind and I hope you enjoy them. Building Scalable Event-Driven Data Pipelines for Payments by Fred Galoso. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQkrMPbKbe4 Amazon Re:Invent Compliance/Financial Services talk touching on Dwolla's transition… Continue reading Dwolla Engineering Presentations

Advantages of Dwolla.js

The team surprised a few people last week with Dwolla.js, which makes integrating Dwolla's authorization service for bank accounts easy. As a developer, here is what the snippet looks like to take advantage of the new functionality. <head> <!-- Include dwolla.js on your page --> <script src="https://cdn.dwolla.com/1/dwolla.js"></script> </head> The 5 advantages that stick out most to me are: Time to get… Continue reading Advantages of Dwolla.js

Making Bank Transfers Easy

Dwolla's white label API is new and it has been a great product for us. I think that is because if you think about bank transfers in a very simplistic view there are 2 parts: Bank Authorization. This gives your application the proper authorization to credit and debit a bank account. Bank Transfer. These uses the proper… Continue reading Making Bank Transfers Easy

Building a universal ledger. To blockchain or not to blockchain.

I spend a lot of time in banks these days and there is a lot of discussion about blockchains. Described another way, there is a lot of discussion about what the appropriate way is to technically store data for the purpose of reducing risk and increasing transaction speed. It's interesting to me because most bank business… Continue reading Building a universal ledger. To blockchain or not to blockchain.