The future is not what we thought

For the last few years, a team of us has been working to build infrastructure that simplifies creating stablecoins. By design, these are boring stablecoins. What is exciting about them is that nothing is inherently exciting, which is why they are unique and, most importantly, usable. Last week, some of the core technology graduated from Alpha to… Continue reading The future is not what we thought

Create a stablecoin

Base enables financial institutions to create stablecoins. The team at Brale has been developing Base with early client feedback for months. Base makes the functions of minting—creating stablecoins, redeeming/removing them from circulation, swapping /changing chains or stablecoins, and viewing the asset on various chains—as easy as logging in. Create a stablecoin using Base As a standalone function,… Continue reading Create a stablecoin

Traditional Ledgering and Blockchains

At Money 20/20 last week, a topic that came up over and over in discussions was blockchain performance compared to traditional databases used to ledger transactions. One must be excellent at double-entry bookkeeping and performant state machines to use a traditional database to ledger transactions. The overwhelming majority of banks and FinTechs use this approach… Continue reading Traditional Ledgering and Blockchains