Create a stablecoin

Base enables financial institutions to create stablecoins. The team at Brale has been developing Base with early client feedback for months. Base makes the functions of minting—creating stablecoins, redeeming/removing them from circulation, swapping /changing chains or stablecoins, and viewing the asset on various chains—as easy as logging in. Create a stablecoin using Base As a standalone function,… Continue reading Create a stablecoin

Traditional Ledgering and Blockchains

At Money 20/20 last week, a topic that came up over and over in discussions was blockchain performance compared to traditional databases used to ledger transactions. One must be excellent at double-entry bookkeeping and performant state machines to use a traditional database to ledger transactions. The overwhelming majority of banks and FinTechs use this approach… Continue reading Traditional Ledgering and Blockchains

Mono-rail to no rails

Sharing observations and findings after spending more time in the DeFi world has been a fun part of the journey. It helps communicate to people inside of traditional finance environments and those outside them.Talking about moving money in a traditional environment very quickly focuses on transfer types and funds flows. Transfer types are typically mono-rail-type… Continue reading Mono-rail to no rails