The future of the Internet, data at rest, and Basis Theory.

There are tens of billions of Internet connected devices and a litany of software runs on them. As we all know, many of the apps running on that hardware handle our data at rest differently. HTTPS has solved a massive gap in protecting data in transit but data at rest still needs a bit of… Continue reading The future of the Internet, data at rest, and Basis Theory.

Solving T+2 Settlement

In a meeting last week we were talking about T+2 challenges. Certainly Robinhood has brought these back to light. Companies these days are commonly raising capital left and right just to fund payments. The thing is, T+2 is going away right before our very eyes and pre-funding requirements are now being solved through various mechanisms.… Continue reading Solving T+2 Settlement

World Class API Product Demos

V-Sum_Two wrapped up recently and it was a treat just like the first. Something that really struck me with this series of the technical briefings was the quality of the demos. The three companies that presented were Paxos, Drive Wealth, and Phixius. Drive Wealth and Paxos are both a bit further along in their product… Continue reading World Class API Product Demos