World Class API Product Demos

V-Sum_Two wrapped up recently and it was a treat just like the first. Something that really struck me with this series of the technical briefings was the quality of the demos. The three companies that presented were Paxos, Drive Wealth, and Phixius.

Drive Wealth and Paxos are both a bit further along in their product life and you can tell it by watching their briefings. Both of their demos included demonstrating extremely complex infrastructure usable through a API.

There is something about both of these product demos that I’d suggest anyone developing a product demo that includes an API strongly consider. They show both the interaction in a potential client application and how the API’s operate alongside it. Take a look…

A special nod to both Zach and John for showing the admin functions. Many times the admin panel is something hidden away behind a long sales cycle. It says a lot about the pride they have in their product to show what’s behind it.

I have a hunch that the way they’ve been able to succinctly demonstrate an extremely complex product has a lot to do with the success both companies are experiencing.

If you’re looking to develop a API product demo these are 2 great examples to learn from.