An Ecosystem Stack

The last v-sum was unique because it was the first time the tech briefings focused on an ecosystem stack or companies working together to solve different layers of a problem. Jessie came up with the idea after being a customer of Lance and loving the product. She wanted to know more about how it worked which seemed like a perfect opportunity to unpack the ecosystem Lance is built around.

The general stack is:

  • Lance – Provides a service for freelancers to understand and manage their income.
  • Abound – Provides the APIs that enable tax-focused insights for independent works.
  • Unit – Provides the APIs that interface between the different parties and the bank.
  • Blue Ridge Bank – Issues the cards and the accounts.

If you’re trying to wrap your head around how teams build these FinTech banking-ish services together, this series of videos could be great for you. Each video is only about 10 minutes long, and I ordered them in this way so you can see the end-user experience first.

The companies did an excellent job of presenting together and articulating how they work with one another.

I’ll be curious to see what other ecosystem briefings come out of this.